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Legal services in Kyiv


Natural Persons

  • Lawyer/Real estate lawyer
  • Land law lawyer
  • Probate lawyer
  • Legalization of unauthorized construction
  • Loan lawyer

Natural Persons

  • Tax lawyer
  • Lawyer for family arrangement
  • Legal advice
  • Legal services
  • Lawyer’s services

Legal Persons

  • Incorporation
  • LLC incorporation
  • Incorporation of self-employed persons
  • Incorporation of private enterprises
  • Cancellation of firms
  • LLC cancellation
  • Legal services

Legal Persons

  • OJSC incorporation
  • PJSC incorporation
  • Incorporation of enterprises
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Legal support
  • Repayment of debts
  • Tax litigations

Business activities have usually been attended by different legal nuances, and not every director of an enterprise (a company) has the ability to monitor changes in the current legislation. All the more so as almost every day it is necessary to draw up, to enter into or to amend commercial agreements. In order to eliminate any mistakes and entail possible future litigation, we invite you to employ professional services of the law firm "LOTYSH&PARTNERS".

Over the years, employees of our law firm have provided legal services to many successful companies and businessmen. Our cooperation is built on partnership relations and principles of trust and transparency. We import our professional knowledge and best practice in every business project. The main directions of the work of our law firm are: LLC incorporation, real estate, construction, and licensing. Legal advice on mentioned matters, as well as on any other legal matter shall be available in a convenient format.

Employees of our law firm have extensive experience in different areas of law, but we have focused special attention on the provision of legal support to legal persons in different economic domains:

  • Legal services and counseling before entering into civil law contracts;
  • Forecasting of possible legal risks;
  • Warning our clients against committing hasty legal actions in their economic activity in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Our company provides assistance in the incorporation of new legal entities of any type of business and ownership, in their corporate restructuring and dissolution;
  • We will help you to protect your title to personal and real property in the courts;
  • We stand for your personal legal interests, and interests of your company/business;
  • We will help you to prepare and to follow enforcement proceedings against your partner who does not fulfill their obligations under the signed contract;
  • If your company enters into long-term contracts, our employees will help you to draw them correctly, subject to all applicable changes in the law of Ukraine and with the greatest benefit for your business;
  • We provide customer support of businesses, institutions and enterprises;
  • Professional provision of legal services for enterprises.

"LOTYSH&PARTNERS" Firm will be your reliable assistant and legal adviser not only in solving external legal matters, but also in the event of internal conflicts with partners, co-founders, and employees. We facilitate the resolving of any dispute not only in strict accordance with the law, but also with the most favorable benefit for your business. A special feature of our work is systematic and individual approach to each client.

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